sunnuntai 22. marraskuuta 2009


I will now give you all books I've made during this year. Ofcourse I'll read some more even this and next month, but I'll add them later on. At the end of December I'll be out of office one week, so you'll have the library where you can search wonderful, interesting books. You know that I'm not the master on technics, so I'm not sure how you, whose language isn't Finnish, will manige with this. You may know that the book names will not be translated like they are really called. Sometimes they will, but not often. You can give me some notes! I hope the best!

Leena Lumi

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  1. The book in the arm chair must be:
    Living with a Black Dog
    by Matthew Johnstone
    Constable & Robinson.
    Isn't it? ;-)

  2. Yes, it should be, but now the past tense: Dina is already her own home and I have more time e.g. for doing this.

    Sounds interesting book and could be understandable even in English for me.

  3. Hello Leena!

    You've got such a nice library! I think that that armchair is very comfort. Is this the place where you have read the books now when its cold and dark outside? I can only imagine how lovely it could be on that chair, under a blanket and with a very good book.

    We have an exam in English on Wednesday. I'm in big trouble now, because English has been the most difficult subject for me at school, and now, because of my illness, I won't be able to attend any lessons before the exam.

    But after that there is an exam in Swedish, Chemistry and some others, then its almost Christmas!


  4. Hi, Tuure!

    I'm more than glad if you are satisfied with my library. Sorry, but I use that giant chair very seldom. Perhaps I need there a little table for my big tea cup...Reima loves that cahir, but it always wins him and he fall in sleep;-)

    I understand your problem. I had those too with English. German was much easier language for me and I regret I didn't take the long curse in German language instead of English.

    I promise you'll manige with your examinations and hope you are already almost well...


  5. Hi Leena!

    I would like to study German, but because of my Latin studies, I can't. But some day I will speak German well and Italian also! English perfectly and maybe some words of Swedish ;)

    One of my friends just read Isaac Singer's Orja. Have you read it? If I understood her right, she is going to do a literature review about it to Scriptor!

    I am reading E. L. Doctorow's Homer and Langley now. In English, because we have to read one book in English for English lessons. It is quite interesting book, tells about blindness and American way of feeling disabled, American way of thoughts and something about all people in the world by The Second World war.

    Tuure, which writes English enthustically now.

  6. I tryed Italian THREE TIMES, but it's not for me;-) I tryed so hardly because of opera and food, but now I've my Italian opera and I'm quite a good to make Italian food.

    When I was at your age I red Hemingway in English...

    ...because you have to do it enthustivally now!

    Leena, who takes soon the new book...

  7. Ich kann Deutsch sprechen... Spanish ist better für dir, Tuure.

  8. I will study Italian because of my Latin studies - Italian is the nearest language of Latin, so it have to be like Latin. Latin is an easy language.

    I have also read Hemingway in English, one book only. The old man and the sea! It was brilliant, far more better than I had imagined. Because I had tried to read For Whom the Bell tolls in English before that, and I didn't like that all. So that's why I imagined it badly before I had read it.

  9. Tuure, I didn't like The old man and teh sea. Perhaps I don't like old men...

    I just loved For Whom the Bell tolls and that I mede in English and in Finnish! Nowadays I don't like emingway's style so much.

    Hannele, Tuure kaipaa saksan kieltä kuten minäkin (kirjoitin sen lyhyenä ja hyvin) rakkaudesta keskieurooppalaiseen kulttuuriin.

  10. Espaja on kans osa eurooppalaista kulttuuria..

  11. Hannele, en sanoisi. Ja minähän puhuin keskieurooppalaisesta kulttuurista. Espanja ei ole minulle läntinen tai eurooppalainen maa ollenkaan, niin kauan kuin härkien kiduttaminen on sallittu kansan huvi ja koirien hitaasti kuristaminen. Voittaja on se, jonka koira kituu kauimmin. (Asun talossa, jonka rakensi ystäväni, joka nyt asuu puolet vuodesta Espanjassa. Tiedän Epanjasta todella paljon. Enemmän kuin haluaisin edes tietää. Maahan saatiin ensimmäinen eläinsuojelulakikin vasta kolme vuotta sitten huhtikuun 1. pnä. Laki on jo osoittautunut tehottomaksi.)

    Postauksistani löytyy juttu: Onko Espanja Eurooppaa?